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We serve locally Duval County, Clay County, Nassau County & St. John’s County. We can also Obtain service throught the entire state of Florida. That is why we are called All Florida Process, LLC.


All Florida Process, LLC

Our company started when JD Padgett, realized that there was a need for a fast, friendly and over all efficient Process Server company. Since January 2005, All Florida Process, LLC has always maintained JD’s three fundamentals that he learned are a necessary in business and in life in general. JD believes that still today a “Man’s handshake is his word”.


We are not saying that our competitors be they individual Process Servers, or  Process Serving companies are not honest, however there are clients, or consumers that have this idea that Process Servers do not do what they say, that they just say anything needed to win a paper. That is not All Florida Process’ way, we say exactly what we mean, when you send an email, or call our office we will be able to tell you what EXACTLY happened with your paper, or what is occurring now with your paper. JD Padgett has instilled in himself and his Associates in making sure that our clients always know what is going on 100% of the time, so that you do not have to worry “What is going on with my service of process?” Check Status on your paper right here by going to the “Resources” tab above, then Clients Check Status Here.


This key word takes a life time to build, but a few seconds to destroy. That is another reason we at All Florida Process, LLC only promise and state what we can fulfill. What you can expect with your Service of Process, its true not all papers get served, but we do everything within our power to 1) Provide you with the reason(s) it has not been served, be it person moved, deceased or etc, and 2) let you know after the evidence has been gathered to support the reason for the Non-Service. Many companies forget the reason they are in business is to support YOU. We are looking to build lifetime bonds with our clients, in the way that you can come to us and know that we are always keeping your best interest in mind, so that your success on your case is second to none. Your “Service of Process” should not always be on your mind, if it is then there is something wrong with that picture, and we offer another view of that state of mind.


JD Padgett has had almost a decade in the business running another process company before branching out on his own. JD has been living here in Jacksonville, FL almost 30 years. He is well known at the Clerk of Courts, the Sheriff’s office and by fellow Process Servers, as someone who one you can trust, secondly you can count on, and thirdly someone who has been in the area for an extremely long time and knows how to serve the paper since he knows where and who to see to assist him on getting the necessary information, and has the skills to find them.

One call, One Process Serving Company


All in all

All in all with All Florida Process, LLC, we are more than just a run of the mill “Process Serving Company”. We offer you the chance to look at what our company can do for you. Our mission statement is true to life “One call, One Process Server” even if your paper has to be served in another location in Florida, we only work with accredited companies through out Florida and the United States. We just want you to say “I have a paper that needs to be served”, tell us the time you need it served (Rush or Non rush), and where it is to be served. We will handle the rest, it can take days for YOU to find a creditable Process Server. You can stop looking you have found one of the best, and we only settle for the best.