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One call, One Process Serving Company

We offer a diversified selection of services, so that YOU are not limited to a service that might not work for your office. Different offices have different needs, going to our clients and asking them about services we currently offer and hearing what they like to see in the future, we decided to add more into what we can do and offer now and future clients.

We are JAC Certified in 4th and 7th Judicial Circuits

No Motion & Order required
Duval County
St. Johns County
Nassau County
Motion & Order to Appoint Process Server Required
Clay County

If coming out of the area or another State, we don’t require Motion & Order

Our Services Include:

– Service of Process
– Daily Trips to Courthouses (get cases issued same day)
– Hand Delivered Letters
– Mobile Notary
– Document Preparation (Evictions, Divorce)
– Foreclosure Sale Attendance
– Tax Lien Notices Posting
– Property Inspection
– Document Research and Retrieval
– Medical Record Retrieval
and much more

Courier Service

Sometimes your office is too busy to send someone who then has to stop what they are working on be it cases, answering phones that seem to be ringing off the hook because your clients need you. That is where we come in, we make two trips daily to the Duval County Courthouse. All you have to do is call us when your case is ready for pick up, and we will stop by pick up your cases, documents needing to recorded, etc to have it issued or received at the courthouse and either bring it to our office for service, or return it to your office for you or your staff to complete the next step in your case. Just that simple and you can keep working on the things that are more important than trying to fight the traffic, meter maids, plus the time you waste trying to find a parking spot available close to the courthouse so you can run in and out as quickly as possible then having to deal with the oh so nice meters that only give you 10 -15 minutes for your quarter.

Eviction Processing

For the private individuals, or larger companies that either don’t have the time or the know how to file the neccesary paperwok for evicting a tenant. We are here to actually complete the paperwork for you and serve the 3 day notice and the eviction summons, all with out you having to research what are the guidelines and requirements. Our office will tell you what you need to do on your end (3 day notice, documents needed, etc) then fill out the paper work, take it to the court house for issuance, then once issued will send it out that day for service. Easing your headaches, you can relax in knowing that your eviction is going according to local and state laws.

We are not attorneys and can not give legal advice

Courthouse Services

There are times when you have to have a document or case, filed, issued, copied, or recorded and don’t have the time. We can come by your office and get it taken care of for you. We also can go to the Vital Statistics office and pick up death certificates and ect., and get them to you. We make regular trips to the Duval courthouse.

Mobile Notary

For the individuals, Attorneys or the larger corporation that need documents notarized in our service areas. We can come to your office, home or anywhere locally to notarize your documents. Sales packets, Warrant Deeds, Quit Claim Deed or any contractual documents.

Property, Vehicle Inspections

This is the service we can provide for you when you need to have additional information on the current state of your property be it, house, mobile home, car, truck, RV, storage etc. We send documented proof of the status to you or your staff in the way of pictures and a verbal description on that property. This service usually occurs before the Auction or Sale of that said property or recovering of that property. We can service again all the areas we cover; Duval, Baker, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns counties. We just need the basic information from you or your office (what is the item, where is located, and what type of details and inspection you would like to receive and when you need it by) that’s all we need to complete this service for you.

This is not a private investigative service we , do not track down and investigate individuals