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Eviction Process

IF you haven’t already figured it out the hard way, evicting tenants isn’t a fun process. Why spend your valuable time trying to find the courthouse, locating a parking place by the courthouse, pay the fees to park., just to walk in and stand in a line that might be the right one. Then ask a clerk that is swamped with others who are there just like you asking where to begin. Then you fill out forms, then have to go somewhere to make efficient amount of copies at an outrageous price because you don’t want to have to leave and find another parking space or pay to park again.

Now you not only have wasted your time but also hard earned money with todays economy. It isn’t so easy to earn back wasted money. Make your time and money work and count for you. That is where we come in. We can do it all and you can just focus on what you need to do as a successful real estate broker, agent or landlord.

The State of Florida has required that these steps are completed in this order for the Eviction to be valid.

1 Deliver 3 Day Notice (Click here for a copy of the 3-day notice)
2 File Complaint with the Clerk
3 Hire Process Server to serve Court Summons
4 Process Server files Affidavit of Service
5 File Motion for Default
6 Final Judgment awarded
7 Writ of Possession

*** If any of these steps are not done in the right order or in the necessary time your case could be dismissed, we handle all the paper work, courier work, service of process, and writ of possession for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about your eviction if you are, then you need to contact us.

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We would be in violation of Florida Statues if we were to do so.

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